The human body is truly one of the universe’s major wonders. It deserves to be fed a high quality diet, but most Americans are not giving their bodies the nutrition it needs or deserves. When a machine does not receive the proper fuel or maintenance, how long can it be expected to run in an efficient manner? If your body is not fed the full range of nutrients it needs, how can it be expected to stay in a state of good health?

Why we need Nutritional Supplementations?

1. Degenarative Diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, Respiratory, Liver & Kidney can be prevented by choosing healthy lifestyle that incorporates proper nutrition and exercise.

Two major contributing factors that causes damage to our healthy cells are systemic inflammation and oxidative stress. These factors are part of a antiaging cycle responsible for our decline in health. The Key that controls this cycle is the Nuclear Factor kappa Beta (NFkB).

NFkB is the master switch that regulates the level of inflammation in the body. Therefore, if we can control or inhibit the amount NFkB expression in the body we can regulate the inflammation in the body. Polyphenols are natural inhibitors of NFkB that are found in fruits, berries, resveratol found in red wine and grapes, curcumin or tumeric, and grape seeds. By taking preventive measures to reduce the unbalance production of this cycle is the key to returning ourselves back to optimal health.

2. The American Medical Association states that our foods from supermarkets are nutrient deficient and highly recommends at least a multivitamin to get the proper amount of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Quite simply even if you eat your fruits and veggies, because of the quality of mass production methods, soil quality and etc., you are still not getting your daily requirement of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

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Water is Essential 

For us to come out of a sickness, and achieve the best health we can in this life, you need access to clean food (organic fresh fruits and vegetables), clean air (indoor quality control of your home), and of course clean water. Lets focus on the water for a moment. 

Water is essential to the human life, we may go without food for perhaps weeks but with water at best two or three days till your body starts to shutdown. So we need water but is all water we consume actually healthy. Water from the municipal are chemically treated and without a proper filtration system in place in your home it is highly unlike that long term use of this water will add any benefit to your life but most likely have at best low level containments that will poison you over time. Also the water that you purchase in supermarkets  or even health food stores are manufactured and shipped in containers that actually contaminate the water in addition to the water itself is not delivered in its natural PH level but rather the water is acidic which is not good for you to drink. 


We have been using the Enagic Kangen Water since 2010, and it has been the best investment in terms of our health. Through one machine I can filter my water from the tap into clean alkaline water for drinking. Also the machine has different levels of water that it can produce to be used for cleaning your home, cleaning your fruits and vegetables, and even tonify your skin.  

Another solution we have used in our home is the Berkey Water system which is great because it is easy maintenance, affordable, and portable. That is definitely hard to beat. You can find a berkey system on 


Garden Tower Project 2

If you don't like Vitamins and insist on getting your nutrition from your food then you better have a guarantee source that the fruits and vegetables you are getting are from rich nutrient soil and you want to consume these things when they are fresh, not being transported from different areas of the world, country or state for days upon days until you get to the supermarket, hoping you get to pick the best of the batch before someone else does. 

 Ok, lets get straight to the point. If you want to live healthy then you got to have consume healthy foods. The supermarkets is primarily where we get our food. Not all foods in the supermarket has the nutritional value our bodies need. Most of the powerful antioxidants and nutrients are found in fruits and vegetables. Here lies the dilemma, the fruits and vegetables in the supermarket are GMO produced, meaning that they are manufactured in a way that is not natural according to how God created these foods. With GMO foods you get the benefit of sickness, disease and a faster road to death. You could buy organic foods but the problem is that they are expensive and there is no guarantee on the quality of how they were grown. 

Here is the good news, you can now buy a garden tower 2 which in only 4 square feet of space you can grow your own food in your apartment, condo, house, or on your farm without the problems of weed growing into your crop. You can plant from one tower many different types of produces such kale, blueberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other herbs such chamomile, parsley, basil and the list goes on and on! You can grow for a total of 70 Plants. 

So from a one time investment you save money on buying organic produce from the supermarket and grow truly organic food in your own home with sacrificing only 4 square feet of space. 

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