CPR Instruction

Learn the priceless skill of saving a life from heart attack or a trauma where they are minutes way from dying. The American Heart Association has studied that a majority of deaths outside of Hospital settings occur because most bystanders do not know CPR. Further studies show that the odds of you using CPR would most likely happen within your own home.

Courses Available: $70/class

Basic First Aid & CPR Laypersons
BLS for HealthCare Providers with AED

Class Description: Hands on class instruction for Health Care professionals. Adult, Child, and Infant CPR topics will be covered. Also proper use of the AED will be taught. Class includes written examination as well as a skills test. We provide onsite training at your location.  Currently we have certified instructors available in New York and Florida Locations.


Personal Protection Instruction: This is a private to semi-private (max number 4 students) in the strategies and tactics of hand to hand combat and/or edge weaponry. Classes are taught by our Senior Instructor who has years of experience in close quarter combat tactics instruction and real world experience from former security work in private corporations in the entertainment industry. 

The approach to the instruction is clear, and concise to get the student to immediately apply tactics that best work for them. The point of the instruction is not to systemize the student but rather utilize all student's God given strengths and create an approach that works for them. 

The reason private to semi-private instruction is available and not classes, is because the instructor's main goal is to invest as much as possible into an individual to make them immediately ready and willing to protect themselves and/or their family. To accomplish teaching classes this involves passing along a "system", which is useless in terms of immediacy for an individual. 

All inquires into this program will be screened. This is only for law abiding citizens of good moral character and self control. You can send your inquiry to bmafit777@gmail.com