Keep Self-Defense Simple & effective

Rules of engagement

1. In self defense, your opponent is not observing rules, you must train with that awareness. Do not imitate fight strategies from sport. The intentions in the ring are different than your opponent in the street. If you are learning a combative sport then you must use common sense and extract from your skill base what is useful in the street. If you love BJJ, that is a good skill base but please train for multiple assailants or against an edge weapon if you were either on the floor or standing up. You must separate the difference between developing skills and strategies in the ring from the streets and train them specifically for each scenario over and over again.

2. Master your techniques but more importantly internalize the principles behind them. One move can be applied in many ways. Your job is to make the technique work for you, and be able to apply in as many ways as possible. Once you understand the principle of the technique then learning other techniques may not require learning something new but seeing something familiar in a different form. Your understanding of the principle behind the technique will transform to a creative applicable understanding.

 3. Keep it simple. Your reaction or action time must take minimal energy or time to process in order to act effectively and efficiently. Train simple movements while incorporating an attitude of adaptability. Train movement patterns against attacks from various angles, speeds, psychological intentions, emotional content and etc. This way you respond to the variety of attacks with simplicity.

4. Workout. Unfortunately sometimes strength can overcome someone’s technique. These days assailants are in shape. You may have superior strategy but sometimes history has dictated that the battle was won with stronger and more decisive opponent. Strength training gives you the strength and stamina to endure. So to all the self-defense ethusiast that love knife, gun disarms, baton, and etc. Don’t think that is all it is gonna take……Train hard, train smart, but for sure you got to Train!!