Boosting your Testorone for Optimal performance

Benefits of Making Sure your Testosterone Level is Healthy: 

  1. keep your sex drive strong
  2. less like to develop diabetes
  3. less likely to develop osteoporosis
  4. less likely to develop cardiovascular problems
  5. less difficulty having a good night sleep 

Normal range of testosterone for men is 300 to 900 ng/dL

Solution:  Research shows that the intake of Magnesium will have a positive impact of increasing your testosterone levels naturally. In particular Magnesium supplementation in research trial show that participants that took the magnesium supplementation increased significantly in strength because the testosterone from the supplementation had a positive effect. 

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Health Basics

  • Provides balanced levels of calcium and magnesium, along with advanced levels of vitamin D in truly bioavailable forms
  • Helps maintain strong, healthy bones, teeth, and nails*
  • Supports healthy muscle function and strength*

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In summary you need good levels of testosterone not only to decrease the chances of diseases but also to have mental and physical performance in athletic training or any form of exercise.