25 min Fat-burning, MMA style workout

Required Equipment:

Two Kettlebells of equal weight - For men two 35lbs or 44lbs.

For women -  two 10lbs or 16lbs. 

Jump Rope - can be a speed rope (light) or weighted rope

Pull up bar - 

Heavy bag


Warm up - 1 min of Hindu Pushups with 1 min of squats;

Do the following exercises below with  3 rounds each and 1 min rest in between rounds. 

1) Jumpe Rope -3 mins
2) 10 pullups
3) 3 min heavy bag combination (freestyle) emphasize footwork
4) 5 TGU each side with 20KG  kettle bell
5) Double KB swings 20 kg 1 min.

Cool Down Joint Mobility exercises