25 min Fat burning Blast workout

Equipment needed: Men - Two 16 kg Kettlebells for beginner levels or Two 20/24kg kettle bell for intermediate to advance levels.

Women Two 9kg- 12kg Kettlebells for beginner or two 16kg and above for intermediate to advance levels. 

Heavy Bag or you can implement the striking techniques in a shadow boxing( no contact) fashion

Warm up:

Kettle bell swings light weight 20 reps

Jump rope 1 min
Pushups 30 
Squats 30

Workout: 4-6 rounds each exercise
1) 24kg Double Kettlebell Jerk 10 reps
2) 20kg Double Kettlebell Renegade Row 5 reps
3) 12 reps Back Bridges
4) 24kg side lunges 10 l,r
5) Heavy Bag, bob left, left body hook, right overhand, Clinch then double knee strike, then bob right, right body hook, left overhand, Clinch to double knee strike 3 mins
Rest 1 min.

Repeat round till you finish 6 rounds maximum. 

Drink Plenty of water

Cool down

Joint mobility- 

Full body Static stretching