Breathe Move & Adapt

BMA FIT is an assertive approach to build warriors out of ordinary men & women to conquer thier personal goals through kettlebell strength conditioning tools, Men’s close quarter combat, Women’s self-defense, and nutritional support.

We believe that practicing skills that will develop your body and mind will carry over in your daily life better than just the traditional personal training or gym approach.

What makes BMA FIT different from MMA GYMs or Health Clubs is that we focus on developing skills & strength conditioning for life and death scenarios. We focus on intimate small group training sessions to develop high quality practitioners of BMA fit that is enjoyable & affordable.

Our approach works because we know from experience & research when you are put in the context of life and death scenarios your fitness motivation become more focus on achieving results at a deeper pyschological level as to just simply responding to a internal desire for losing belly fat (Don’t worry you will lose the belly fat!). Learn safely effective ways of improving your ability to defend yourself as well as move with efficiency for optimal physical performance and health.

BMA FIT is a way of life that is built on solid principles with a systematic approach from Victory. We don’t teach you to fight, we teach you to win, we don’t train you to exercise, we teach you to how to move in the way that best fit your health needs. The Bottom Line of BMA Fit is your personal approach to Victory!

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